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Just A Good Thing.

Run for the hills.

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1940's, 1950's, 80's sitcoms, always sunny in philadelphia, american idol, atlanta, atlanta braves, audrey hepburn, baseball, bill cosby, bing crosby, boy meets world, brad paisley, braves baseball, britney spears, broadway, cary grant, charlotte church, chi mcbride, chick fil a, christmas, chuck, classic films, coke, cracker barrel, disney, dogs, eternal sunshine, fleet foxes, fleetwood mac, flight of the conchords, frank sinatra, fred astaire, gene kelly, gilmore girls, ginger rogers, glee, gone with the wind, hairspray, hank williams, harry potter, home alone, james marsden, james roday, jean arthur, jenny lewis, jewel, jimmy stewart, john krasinski, judy garland, julie andrews, kate nash, kristin chenoweth, lee pace, lily allen, m. ward, mamas and the papas, martina mcbride, mary poppins, mates of state, michael bublé, michael phelps, miranda lambert, musicals, my fair lady, night court, old movies, oldies, olympics, piano, psych, pushing daisies, read my mind, regina spektor, return to me, rilo kiley, root beer, sabrina, saved by the bell, say anything..., she & him, singin' in the rain, sleeping beauty, slumdog millionaire, soundtracks, sprite, stars, summer stock, sweet tea, tcm, the beatles, the cure, the fall, the icicles, the killers, the little mermaid, the notebook, the office, the parent trap, the princess bride, the smiths, the sound of music, turner classic movies, u2, waffle house, watching airplanes, while you were sleeping, whose line, wings, wonderfalls, zooey deschanel

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